Saturday, August 18, 2012
Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Ballad of Blood

Riot against riot,
Retribution for eternal assassination in an alien land.
A flock of ousted canopies seeking a grain of sand,
An inch of belonging to lay down their listless bodies.
The body which sowed a sapling in the sleep,
The seed will bear forth flowers,
A stooping rhododendron of peace.
Chunks of red clay lie littered around the caravans of global geography,
Dead graves of faith, trust and hope.
When the nation was split by sweat and blood,
And soaked by shared rivers flowing amidst anguished territories.
Retreating folks carry an oblivious history, shattered by jolts of fanaticism,
A swooning stream of blue bile screams through mellow memories and shallow foliage.

©  Sutanuka Banerjee

Ethnic riots sweep Assam, at least 30 killed
Protest against Assam riots turns violent in Mumbai

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dream Broker

Limping she walks
Blood on the couch grass
Tiger yawns with red teeth
Spider spins web.
Paws pounce on the body
Shaking shadows flicker in TV
Scotch-filled glasses
Relish the notched flesh
Weigh the bones
Ruptured rapture.
Ruby on her lips
Black veins under cloth.
Vase-shaped figures leaning with stilettos
Moistened and glistened
Coiling up the corridor.
Viewers, touts, directors
Stare at hips
Size the breasts
With tobacco teeth
Casting gaze.
Conspiring silhouette
Serpentine dance
Inebriated muse
Gluttonous glamour
Popular culture.

© Sutanuka Banerjee

Casting couch grabs bigger role in television world

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Panacea

The girl desired to have a delightful sky

The boy wished he were the king of the clouds

The kite connects the hearts in the air

Reality pulls the thread.

The boy washes dishes in the shop

The girl sells flowers in the street

They live on fragments

in perishable forms.

Life is an immortal spectator

passes by the scattered sketches.

Time keeps on writing the prolonged essay

with a lullaby in the dim light of the hurricane.

A dragonfly flutters in the dream

The girl is decked with glowing stars in her zenith of joy

The boy bags a foamy mass of buttermilk sky

Sleep embroiders fulfilment.

© Sutanuka Banerjee

International Day for Street Children

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