Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We finished the week with A Ballad of Blood from Sutanuka Banerjee - a visceral assault on the senses as riot begets riot in Assam and Mumbai.

Yesterday's poem The Panacea from new contributor Sutanuka Banerjee flagged up the plight of street children. Using dream-like images: 'The boy bags a foamy mass of buttermilk sky' and the simple sentence structure of a child's reading book the poem cleverly captures the innocence and magic of childhood. 

Sutanuka Banerjee's Dream Broker exposes the exploitation of newcomers in Bollywood by lascivious executives.

"Escape" by Sutanuka Banerjee was our next poem and had as its subject an issue that has slipped out of the world's mind: child brides. I like the way the poem looks at the issue in context of the wider society.
Stories are given birth
In those rustic gardens
Embracing atom and universe 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Seeking uncertainty
She sets out on a voyage
To the sound of sea-shells
Smelling the soil of other planets.
Betraying ceremonious sermons
in those parted skies
When wrinkled lips weave woes
Ushering a quest for perpetual bliss
in vermilion marks.
Stories are given birth
In those rustic gardens
Embracing atom and universe
Where the ordinary girl hides her wound
Wearing a crown of rhododendron.

India alone accounts for one third  of all child brides worldwide

© Sutanuka Banerjee